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Creativity to bring connections

Melbourne's cheerleader for art, creativity and positive expression.  I build what I like to call "CREATIVE SOCIAL MOVEMENTS".
I create concepts, make spaces and encourage people to connect to their own ideas and creativity.  Facilitating you toward unleashing your inner muse.

Its always ideal to draw and sparkle.  Credit Jonathan White

Melanie Knight

Running community art events and interactions including the world's premiere alternative life drawing event, Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School's Melbourne chapter.  
Witnessing first hand the transformative power of creativity and expression.

Passionate about inspiring and nurturing the individuals ability to trust themselves and explore their own style by delivering welcoming spaces and playful events I strive to make social change through the positive impact of the individual.  

At the heart of my belief is that creativity is necessary to an individual's personal wellbeing and the individual is necessary to community wellbeing.

My grandest and most life changing Movement has taken shape in the form of DEAD LETTER CLUB.  

Currently undertaking a Masters of Art Therapy at The MIECAT Institute to further develop spaces, ideas and productions to explore the potential of arts based expression, community engaged practise and positive social change.

Experienced in event management and production, creative marketing and inspired concepts my work is grounded in my personal art making practise which includes illustration, writing, tattooing, sculpture and visual art.






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